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What Type of Dust Collection System Is Right for Me?

Jul. 27, 2021

Dust suppression is a process used to restrict dust particles in the air. Dust suppression systems typically spray a fine water mist in different environments such as quarries, construction sites and roads. Dust suppression systems are often used to combat dust at sites and factories, and Blue Ocean use our engineering experience to develop a variety of effective dust suppression equipment to meet our customers' requirements.


How does dust suppression equipment work?

Once dust has spread through the air, it can be difficult to manage. Dust collectors use water to reduce the number of airborne dust particles in many different environments. Spraying dust with water increases the weight of each dust particle, making it more difficult to spread it through the air. Dust suppression equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, from towable units to telescopic boom forklifts and loader mounted attachments.

Dry Fog Dust Suppression Device

Dry Fog Dust Suppression Device

What are the benefits of using dust suppression?

There are many advantages to using dust control applications in environments that tend to generate large amounts of dust. In places like quarries, where dust poses a health and safety risk to workers, suppressing dust levels on site can help protect personnel and equipment. In turn, reducing dust levels can reduce the risk of respiratory factors while improving visibility on site. Investing in dust collection equipment can be a good move financially, potentially saving you maintenance and cleanup costs in the future.


What type of dust collection system is right for me?

For the spray dust control system, what everyone thinks is that it has the function of dust suppression. After the blue ocean high-pressure spray system is used to atomize the water, a larger area can be sprayed, and the hovering time of the water mist is prolonged, which can absorb dust particles in the air, which is equivalent to filtering the primary air, thereby effectively improving the dust.

Greenhouse Humidification Hydroponic Micro Mist Automatic Fog System

 Greenhouse Humidification Hydroponic Micro Mist Automatic Fog System


Characteristics of micro mist automatic fog system

 1. Intelligent full time automatic control, you can set spray time and downtime by yourself according to specific requirements;

 2.  Adjustable pressure,pressure2Mpa-8Mpa;

 3.  Equipped with water shortage protection, automatic power-off and shutdown without water;

 4.  The motor is equipped with overheat protection, automatic power-off and shutdown in case of overheat;

 5.  when the machinestop,pressure is released automatically to prevent nozzle leakage;

 6.  Simple operation, unattended and automatic operation.


Blue Ocean offers a wide range of dust suppression systems with different capabilities and functions.Our products include dry fog mainframe, dry mist box assembly, water vapour distributor, micro mist mainframe, two fluid spray equipment, environmental long range sprayer, dust suppressant spray equipment, agricultural and forestry spray medicine machine, sewage filter, industrial dust removal and other products.


Its dust reduction cannon equipment can also be used to reduce urban PM10 and PM2.5 haze, dust, sulfur dioxide, particulate suspension. Effectively improve air quality


The company's products have passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and won a number of national new practical patents. If you want to get more information about best dust suppression systems wholesale, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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