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Organized by Beidaihe District Government, the First College Student Snow Sculpture Competition in Beidaihe, China

Jan. 02, 2020

The snow drifter uses tap water as a raw material, and through compression refrigeration, supplemented with Ferguson's excellent snow flake clutch technology, it forms artificial snow with a high degree of simulation. If the snow drifter is placed at an altitude of 3-5 meters, it can achieve the effects of natural snowflakes flying and flying around the sky.

Different from the traditional simulation snow, the artificial snow produced by the landscape snow drifting machine has the characteristics of cold feeling, similar to natural snow, and the snowflakes are light and flying. Even in the hot summer in the south, snowflakes made by Ferguson's artificial snow machines can also be used for hot springs, snow-themed bars, cold steam rooms, discotheques, cafes, snow huts, animal venues, large parties, movies and TV shows. Other places provide snow and ice art landscaping to enjoy the fun brought by snow and ice.

The artificial snow drifter has a compact structure, a modular design, and easy installation. Just connect the power source and water source, and you can put it into use directly. The amount of snow in the snow blower for landscape can be adjusted according to actual needs, and it can be divided into heavy snow, medium snow and light snow. The effect of scattered snow on the sky is obvious, and it can meet the needs of 20-50 square meters of snow in the landscape.

Snow Making Machine

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